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About Enchanted Quest Game

Your favorite wizard is here! No, of course, it is not Harry, it is Merlin himself in Enchanted Quest game, and he wants to teach Arthur a little bit about his magic tricks. But before that, he has to gather the lost books that were scattered everywhere.

Unfortunately, it is not that simple. There are many bad-willed guys sent by the nasty witch that wants to stop you. Do not give them the chance to slow you down and jump straight into the action.

How to play the game

Here you have to avoid each danger, be it on the ground, in the sky or even deep in the water. To do that, use the magical potions that Merlin gave you to transform from your human form to a falcon, a goat or a frog. To select one of them press the arrow keys on your keyboard or the space-bar, depending on which one you want to drink.

Each of the forms will help you to avoid certain obstacles. For example, the eagle will have no problem in avoiding a crow or some branches but be sure that it won't get past a cat or a dragon. The same story happens with the goat; it will overcome a wolf and a tree stump but do not even try to go near an elephant or a tiger. The frog is the luckiest though, the only thing that can stop it is a crocodile, which is not very surprising if you come to think about it.

Even if the witch did her best to prevent you from achieving your goal, she did not manage to overcome our great wizard. So pay attention to where you step next because Merlin made sure to leave some help for you on the way. Look for the special potions everywhere and get them to gain the ability to transform into a special animal that is more powerful and can get you past more other creatures.

Useful Tips and Tricks

While you run, collect the books to gather all the points necessary to finish the game. For each book, you will receive a different amount of points, depending on how hard it was to get it. Most of them only value only ten or twenty points, but be on a lookout because for some of them you will get even fifty!

Not until you have got each and every point will the level come to an end. After completing the requested score, you will go to the next level that might seem a bit more complicated, but it is not that much of an effort for a fellow magician, isn't it?

During the game you will have three lives, that means that once you crash against the fourth creature, you will lose the game. Fortunately, you can get a second chance and start again right from the beginning at any time you want.

Lookout for every bit of courage that you can find within yourself and go, make Merlin proud of you! Teach the evil guys a lesson with your magical skills and don't let the witch's wicked friends stop you from becoming the best.

Game Details and Stats

Enchanted Quest is an excellent Retro game that you can play on Freegamedays.com for free. It has been added to our website on Tuesday, July 03, 2018. The game has been played 50795 times so far and has received a rating of 98 / 100 from a total of 44 user votes, 43 likes and 1 dislikes. Enchanted Quest uses Flash technology to be compatible with most browsers. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, having the width of 750px and the height of 530px. If you enjoy playing Enchanted Quest, you might be excited finding out that there are 72 more Retro games you can try! The most popular is Dave's Castle Hunt and the most recently added is Total Jam

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